10.5cm f4 lens was available in F mount and rangefinder S mount. It was first announced in June 1959 and was releaased in 1960. Nikon wanted to target the consumer market with a more affordable lens. It costed about half the price of the faster 10.5cm f2.5 at the time. The total production number of the F mount version is just under 6000 units. The first serial number is possibly No.405401. It should be noted that the RF version of this lens actually have higher serial numnbers than that of the F mount version. This may imply the F mount verion were manufactured before the RF version. The serial numbers of the two versions do overlap.

Original box with macthing serial number



Lower left: Nikkor box with serial number 408545 (With Nippon Kogaku K. K. below the serial number on the base) ; Upper right: Nikon box with serial number 408308



There are broadly 2 versions. The version one's distance scale is graduated in both meters and feet. (Serial numbers from 405401 - 409331?) Version two is either in meters or feet, but not in both. (Serial numbers from 409220 - 411308?)


The recess guide rail on the lens base can be found on very early lenses (Above right). Apart from the "Tick Mark" lenses, I remember having seen early 2.1cm f4 that comes with this guide rail too. The later production of both 2.1cm f4 and 10.5cm preset no longer have this guide rail. This rail is supposed to guide the lens locking pin into the hole. A rather pointless feature that was later on abandoned (Above left).

The serial number "405902" suggests that this is the 502nd lens made for the F mount.



The unique filter size of 34.5mm is the smallest filter for Nikon F mount and RF mount lenses. The other Nikon lenses that use 34.5mm thread are EL-Nikkor enlarger lenses.


Dedicated leather case with recessed top lid

          There are three verions in total. The one on the right is version 1. The one on the left is version 2 with "U.S. Pat. J. Pat. Pend." on the back . Version 3 is identical to version 2 but without "U.S. Pat. J. Pat. Pend."      
Updated on 20 Dec 2022