Useful Links

Nikon related:

Nikon Historical Society - The Nikon Historical Society, based in Chicago, USA, and has a worldwide membership.

Camera Quest - Lot of useful information on various classic cameras includuing Nikon and Leica.

Photograph in Malaysia - Don't be fooled by the name. This site actually contains a vast amount of information about every lens and camera made by Nikon. A highly popular site! Not the easiest site to navigate though. - Ken Rockwell's personal reviews on a lot of Nikon equipment.

Image Power - German photographer Michael Weber's personal homepage. Lots of practical reviews of modern Nikon equipment from a user's perspective. Don't miss out the beautiful pictures too!

Lens Survey And Subjective Evaluations By Bjørn Rørslett - Reviews on most of the Nikon lenses, new and old.

Specifications and Serial Numbers of Nikon Lenses


Other Travel Photographers:

Lilli Photo - Probably one of the best web designers around. A really cool website with lots of great travel photos by Lilli Lau.

Sam's Exotic Travels - "Photo journeys to far-away places with strange sounding names, including hiking in the Anapurnas, safaris in Kenya, boating in Nepal, Myanmar and Amazons plus sightseeing in exotic countries on five continents" - by Sam Stearman, a travel photographer who now lives in Hong Kong.


Sites that provide links to other photographic sites: - Photography web directory - Links to hundreds of other nature photographers

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